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    Who thinks the Patriots are a good team after needing comeback vs Bills?

    I know they won, but it was against a struggling Bills team that seemed like they were going to put a few nails in the coffin early. Brady put up yards and points, but everyone knows the Bills havnt been able to generate a pass rush. They came into this week 2-2 and havnt shown me much more than the ability to win 50% of their games despite key injuries to players that are a big part of their game plan. I'm going to miserable about my team winning unless/until we win the super bowl and even then ill complain about the holes we'll have to fill after free agency and poor front office management. #NeverSatisfied

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    Lol I can't hate on your opinion, but why can't you be happy?

    Complaining about the team even after a superbowl win? Lol. Just enjoy the games man

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    Well, they are looking pretty good against Denver right now

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    Patriots will probably trample the rest of their division into a playoff spot again this season. Giants won't have to play them until the Superbowl.

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