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Thread: Down 14-0...Did you really think we were going to lose?

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    As long as we got Eli, I'll believe no lead is safe from us.

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    Who were some of the posters who were going to crack first? I know it was not I. Oh and I was closest to the score I had Giants 43 and Browns 27 as the final.

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    I was feeling confident.

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    No. Every team is gonna be up for the world champs. Browns blew their load early & we outscored them 41-13 the rest of the way. This was the last easy game of the yr. Next 11 games will be the toughest in the NFL, schedule wise. 4 more tough division games, & 7 teams that made the playoffs last yr, 49ers, Steelers, Ravens, Falcons, GB, NO, Cincy!

    If we can make the playoffs after going thru this 11 game juggernaut of a schedule, I feel real good about our chances at repeating!

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    Yep, Thought this was gonna be the day we actually laid an egg at home against an inferior team. But....... I knew bradshaw would bounce back quickly, said to my friend"He is a veteran, and nobody on the sideline has to talk to him" I knew he would come back with a vengance. Didint know how big it would be but he surprised the hell out of me!!! Kudos to AB1!!!!! And the Oline.

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    I was at the game today and when we were down 14-0 I didnt panic, hell I laughed like a damned madman cause I knew that redemption was coming
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    Thought it was going to be a tight game. Maybe they pull it out at the end, but certainly did not expect them to be up 10 points heading into halftime, ha!

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    Against the Browns no. If they do it again next week that's another story.

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    Reminded me of the Seatle Seahawk game last year-except with a better ending.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slipknottin View Post
    Thought it was going to be a tight game. Maybe they pull it out at the end, but certainly did not expect them to be up 10 points heading into halftime, ha!
    The twists and turns of an NFL game
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