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Thread: Down 14-0...Did you really think we were going to lose?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReiRiza View Post
    No one that was with me expected a loss, even down 14-0. We knew Eli would make sure we had a chance to fight back and take over the game.

    I'm just curious on how others felt.
    We were losing 14-0 with 10 minutes left in the 1st quarter. No way. A team like the Browns can't capitalize any more after that. The NYG team and management woke up and realized that they were making mental mistakes.

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    I was sick to my stomach...really, ...you know then, all the bad thoughts start going thru your head ! ... If Eli does start to make a comeback, he will be picked off ..
    But little did we know, that fumble Bradshaw made, was the turning point of the game. It Made him what to Redeem himself, and he did for 200Yards !.....
    Getting back to the thread question. I new we were in deep trouble, I never think we are going to lose !....... But like always I was counting on Eli to take us out of this nightmare........WHICH HE DID !

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    I wasn't worried, I was just pissed at the ineptitude displayed by the Giants' "defense".

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