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    Funny how the Patriots make it a living beating on & running the score up on less inferior teams throughout the yrs, yet I don't hear anyone dissing them for it or saying they are a bad team. That's what great teams are supposed to do, beat on their less inferior opponents. Now comes the main event this Sunday & all I hear from most 9er fans is that the 9ers are gonna blow out the Gaints & that we should just switch over to the Yankee game by the 3rd qt.

    Impressive early season W-L records always seem to fill fans with delusions of granduer. I'm sure Falcons fans are talking SB already. One thing I've learned being a Giants fan is not to get stressed over their W-L record in the 1st half of the season, Nov & Especially Dec are where division titles are won-lost.

    We were 7-7 last yr & went on to win it all. Being 3-3 should we lose this Sunday won't make or break the season.

    We have the toughest 11 game schedule in the NFL as of right now while the only tough teams left on SFs schedule are us, the Bears & NE. You will probably win 5 division games with maybe the Rams or Cards taking 1 from you, then Miami.

    Asides from Us, NE , Chicago, pretty soft schedule IMO. Nowhere near as tough as the slate of teams on our plate for the rest of the season.

    But that's all good, cuz playing all these tough teams the rest of the yr will only make us more battle tested come playoff time.


    The NFCW is by far the superior division this year wake up brah.

    NFCW combined W-L RECORD 14-6

    NFCE combined W-L 10-9

    WE HAVE 4 OF THE TOP 10 defenses in the league

    ,Chi, NE, NO, JETS, GB, are our common opponents.
    lol Who's W-L record is 12-12

    so that leaves 6 divisional games plus the afcN who's combined W-L RECORD is worse than yours a whoppin 9-10 lol

    miss me with that we have a brutal schedule bs

    worst post ever
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