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If Eli throws three picks against the 49ers, dont expect a comeback victory like they had against TB. This year's 49ers are better than last years and if you think it will be a close game you are dreaming.

I think it might be a close game. Once again the schedule has the Giants going across the country to play the 49ers and the Niners record is currently better so I assume they should be favored by 8 or so. Regardless, the Giants have a bad habit of not getting super psyched for regular season games so I could also see the Niners winning by 2 scores or so. The Giant defense is playing poorly, so it's very possible.

Again, it doesn't in any way shape or form balance the playoff loss from last year, but if it makes SF fans feel better about themselves, so be it. The Eagles take a lot of solace in that kind of thing too. I don't actually get it...I thought the whole point was to win championships but whatever makes you happy I guess.