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It's just annoying that there are this many 49ers fans on this board to me it's pathetic... I can understand Eagles, Cowboys or Redskin fans but 49ers cmon man you guys are being trolls and it's getting annoying. We get how good your team and we don't really care we don't need you guys to remind us. No one on here disrespect your team but you guys continue to disrespect ours....get over it we won doesn't mean you guys have a bad team. Go on Arizona boards or the Seahawks.
I can't for other niners fans but I'm here cause we play yall this week. Once this game is over, I'll be back to say "see yall in the playoffs" or "congrats". I could be wrong but I haven't diss your team, I do think they got away wit the win last year but I've tried to be coo about it. Go niners. O, I'll be going to their board here in the next few weeks to, don't trip.