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I may be in the minority, but I only count SB championships. Back in the 20s there were like 12 teams & the 2 teams with the 2 best records played each other to determine who is the best. That could be a 7-4 team vs an 8-3 team. Both our teams have been to 5 SBs , with the 9ers being a perfect 5-0 & us being a steller 4-1.Most 9ers fans in their 20s & younger are too young to remember their last SB win in 95, while us Giants fans are fortunate to have witnessed our team win 2 SBs these last 5yrs. The 9ers were the team of the 80s & that is really their only dominant decade in their history.They were really good in the 90s & won it all in 95' , but the Cowboys stood in your way & proved to be the team of the 90s. I truly believe that if we can win another SB this yr or next, that we would be labeled the team of this decade.Also, the Cowboys took you guys out of more NFCCGs in the 90s. You won your only NFCCG match with them in 81. In 95 you did stop them from 3 peating, but they did stop you from going to the SBs in 93-94. And of course we stopped you guys from 3peating in 90!You guys had an incredible 17yr run from 1981 to 1998, where you guys had 2 HOF QBs in Montana/Young lead you to 5 SB titles & 10 NFCCG apps!I may be wrong, cuz I'm going from memory, but your 5 NFCCG losses where to the Skins,Us, GB & Dallas 2x.
Hate to tell you but your g-men SB run is over. Your g-men got the niners last year but that won't happen this year.