I respect the g-mens' history but we got 5 of those. Please save that "we got 8 championships" noise. When they convert those other "championships" into SB wins I will respect that argument but until then SBs' are the standard. Speaking of SB wins, it only took us 40 years to do what it took your g-men a little over 60 years. It also took one decade to get it not spread over the four decades. I'm a 80's baby, I could less about the 70's and back. It maybe apart of niners history but it ain't my history. My history of the niners is we're one of the big dogs(outside the 10 years before last) & your g-men have may have been the 4th or 5th best team. To this day we still got one more than you. I'm think my niners can catch up in total "championships" before your g-men catch the niners with lombardi(I think) trophies. History is being written as we speak. At the end of the year we'll find out if your g-men will catch up to the niners with SB wins or the niners go up two again, then three & so on. Go niners!