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    Horse****. The teams played and won a championship.

    Or if rule changes invalidate past championships, what about teams that won SBs during a 14 game season? Fewer rounds of playoffs? Pre-free agency? Before there were 32 teams?

    We don't play this dumb game in any other sport. Which World Series don't count because of the DH rule or no wildcard until 1994? Which Stanley Cups don't count because of the icing rule? Which NBA titles don't count because of the 24 second shot clock or ABA merger?

    SF didn't win anything 1946-1967 but they sure played.

    Our history: competitive 9 out of 10 decades
    Your history: competitive 1.5 out of 8 decades

    The Giants had their 5th championship in 1986 when you were still on #2.
    Minus the 1990 Super Bowl, the Giants sucked for the entire decade. The 49ers had some decent teams in the 70s, they owned the 80s..I don't know where you get your 1.5 decades? Have you forgotten about the 90s 49ers?

    49ers first season was in the late 40s...Lets count...half of 40s..50s..60s..70..80..90..00..that's 6 1/2 decades they played in the NFL not eight..
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