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    Is it something in the water over there that causes you to be so stupid? Or maybe it's the fact that half of your public school educators can barely speak English let alone understand it that caused you to possess a double digit IQ. Whatever the reason is, you got the short end of the stick.

    Saying a team was in the league for 8 decades does not mean 80 years. Are you able to comprehend this Copernicus?

    Jeff Feagles as an example was in the NFL throughout 4 decades. That doesn't mean he was an active player for 40 years.
    First off, I live in NJ.
    With your logic, my 4 month old son is one year old. Why wait until a full year goes by, I'll just give him credit for the entire year. The 10's just started ahole. You cannot say a team sucked or did good for this decade because it just started! Let me ask you a question. If the 49ers started in 1949 and they sucked, is it fair to say the 49ers sucked for the 40s? If you think so then you are an idiot.

    I think you're confusing played FOR eight decades and played IN eight decades. Yes, the 49ers played IN eight decades, but they didn't play for eight decades. This year is not complete. That's all. Why am I even arguing this with you?
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