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    Plax says he knows he can still play, questions why he's not in the league

    Plax just made an appearance on First Take. He basically was complaining (whining, although somewhat justifiable) about how teams are making the decision not to give him a chance bc of off field past issues, not what he can do on the field.

    He made the point that last season, was all based on talent, and that this season he's "fully back". Sounded like sour grapes from Plax, all the while self promoting and saying he could outplay a lot of starters.

    What a fall from grace. To SB Champ, multi yr contract with guaranteed money to begging for a shot on First Take...

    and fwiw, I wouldnt be surprised if it was politics thats keeping him off a roster, I'd bet he probably would look much better than he did last year.

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    Plax would prob kill for a shot to play with Eli once more...just saying...

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    Quote Originally Posted by giantsfan420 View Post
    Plax would prob kill for a shot to play with Eli once more...just saying...
    nice choice of words......
    "Measure Twice......Cut Once"
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    It is strange that TO and Chad Johnson got their shots this season and Plax didn't . .. . . ..

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    Must be something that happened behind the scenes with the jets last year.
    He produced for them and they are thin @ WR, yet still have not picked him up.

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    Think the Jets would take him back with Santonio gone for the season?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yoeddy View Post
    Think the Jets would take him back with Santonio gone for the season?
    I think their fanbase would love to get Braylon back more over Plaxico, hoping the Seahawks will cut him. Pretty sure Plax burned bridges by ripping Sanchez after Plax left.
    Go McGregor


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    I believe the Jests already announced that they would not bring him back because it would not be good for Sanchez.

    That right there tells you all you need to know about them. They have 3 healthy receivers and two of them I've never heard of. And meanwhile they won't call the guy back who led them in receiving TD's last year because the QB is scared of him.

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    Im always down for bringing back former players that can still contribute, with strict incentives. But I think the Giants want to build with what they have.

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    The Jets have signed Jason Hill to replace Holmes. Chaz Schilens will most likely play opposite until Stephen Hill returns from injury. Jeremy Kerley will remain in the slot
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