Excerpt: "Tom Coughlin said it.
Eli Manning texted it

Sunday would be ’s Randle's opportunity.

A high probability all week, there was little surprise when injured wide receivers and were officially ruled out of Week 5’s contest against the Browns due to injuries. Thus the Giants had time to prep players who were waiting in the wings. Players like the rookie Randle.

Manning took it a step further and set up a one-on-one film session with him on Thursday. It was the first time the two had met like that.

“He texted me,” Randle recalled of the meeting which he said took about a half hour. “He said he was going to be watching film and I should come join him so I said I would be in there with him. We went in there and watched a lot of their blitzes and third down, things like that just to be on the same page.” Read more...