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Thread: WR Rueben Randle showcases talents

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    Randle looked good.

    The way he plays his style is similar to Hakeem Nicks just the way he catches the ball & route running.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toadofsteel View Post
    Not to mention we threw the ball 37 times. It's not like we were doing a 60-pass game. With Bradshaw having a career game today, I wouldn't expect otherwise...
    I may well be the offense will have to carry the load next week. Anxious to see if Nicks will be ready to go as well as Hosley and Bernard
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rusty192 View Post
    but I thought he didnt have a "good work ethic" or "know the system"
    he played well.

    that 'praise' he was getting wasn't exactly glowing.

    "i'll have to see the rest of the game to see what that was all about....."

    sounds like a head coach who's happy with his play but wants to keep a fire under his ***.

    the announcers even admitted that he's still not running option routes right now.

    so i hope he keeps contributing like this, but lets not make it seem like these rumors we were hearing weren't true.

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    I'm telling ya, ELI can make anyone look good! I mean, kudos to Rueben Randle, but this guy(eli) is putting up big games with guys dating back to Plax, Toom, Hixon, S.Smith(hasen't done squat since leaving eli), Nicks, Mario, Cruz, Boss(hasen't done squat since leaving ELI), Bennett(didn't do squat in dallas), Barden...etc

    I'm not saying they all are super consistent at all, but hes had a monster game with those guys at some point.. Meaning either a 100plus yrd game, a couple tds in same game, or a bunch of catches, or mixtures of the 3... I dont know if were flat out genius's with getting wideouts or TE's of lower value and turning em into very qualtiy players, or ELI and our pass protection are the reason.. This is getting nuts!!!lol

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    He played against a suspect secondary and did what he should have done, caught some balls. That said, I would like to see him replicate this in another game, not sure when that chance will appear again for him!

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    He's a rookie, give him some time to develop his NFL talents! He'll be solid for us, and has a very high ceiling.

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    keep it going Randle....it has started for you now its up to you stay the course....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rusty192 View Post
    Agreed. I always felt that if he got his chance, he'd shine.

    Oh Jesus Chistmas.... Stop with the Barden HATE! Ramses stepped up when his number was called, let it go.
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    I wouldnt call it hate. Randle is just a better player imo. Plus it has taken 4 years for Ramses to show anything. Randle was on his 5th game. And I'm not even sure how many he was actually active for.

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    Give him a pat on the back. Some good catches with guys all over him. Yeah 1 bad drop, but who hasn't had those. Concerns? Yeah a couple. Not a lot of separation against a rookie, and more body catches than hand catches. I see way more upside. Good game speed experience. It will only get better IMO.

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