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    Give him a pat on the back. Some good catches with guys all over him. Yeah 1 bad drop, but who hasn't had those. Concerns? Yeah a couple. Not a lot of separation against a rookie, and more body catches than hand catches. I see way more upside. Good game speed experience. It will only get better IMO.
    what? i gotta dsagree. i thought randle was getting seperation, a couple of routes he got completely wide open. him n eli need to work on the endzone fade tho, they werent on the same page, timing looked off on that one.
    and with his drop, i cant blame him really, he got wide open, and the db was closing in on him and i think it affected his line of sight on the ball. plus eli prob could have led him more but eh cant really complain, he looked like jr said, nfl ready and similar to nicks

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    randle also seems to draw PI penalties or illegal contact penalties...thats another positive to take frm the game, that the db's couldnt handle him at all really and had to foul him

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    I am soo glad we have Eli Manning. I mean it doesn't get much better in skill and leadership. He really is exceptional.

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    So how many receivers do we have stepping up and making plays now?
    1 Cruz
    2 Nicks
    3 Bennett
    4 Barden
    5 Hixon
    6 Randle

    Have we ever in the history of the Giants had 6 guys put up over 100 yards in a game before? This will probably happen by the end of the season...

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    This gives me a real sense of how horrible S. Moss was

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