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Thread: Giants vs 49ers, bet I made with my wife

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rusty192 View Post
    Make her clean the house while you watch football on Sunday? lol
    Who here doesn't already make their wife do that? lol

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    Rochester, NY Yes Bills contry what can I do its where I live
    Quote Originally Posted by bigblue58 View Post
    She has to greet you in a Giants helmet.....ONLY a NY Giants helmet and at least one neighbor has to be walking by to see her do it so that you look like THE MAN on your block for life!
    I was going to say I have an idea, but I doubt I could post it on here. Then Bigblue58 posted it. HAHAHA. Nice! Did someone say pics???

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    sorry guys, no pics to display. We watched the game like 2 civil adults. She did not get real upset and admitted the Giants played well and that the 49ers stunk it up. She knows the Giants are a very good team and like I said, she will root for them most of the time and was by my side in 2007 and 2011 when the Giants won it all. I would tease her from time to time, but did not rub the 49ers loss in her face.

    I did mention to her that there are a few 49ers fans coming back and eating their crow. I also mentioned that there are some conspiracy theorists out there that think Jacobs gave the Giants the 49ers game plan. She just thought that was crazy that some people would think that.

    I did have her on my side earlier in the afternoon---she was rooting for the Ravens and Lions to win as well---LOL!!!

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