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    Great article about Victor Cruz

    Check it out!

    You probably already had some sort of inclination this was true, but hereís confirmation: New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz was once a good point guard. A very good point guard.
    You donít break peopleís ankles out of the slot in the Super Bowl like that without world-class footwork. You need some sort of training for those kinds of moves, and heís very clearly exhausted the salsa dancing route. You saw him do it all nine times after touchdowns in his rookie season last year. But hereís how badly you underestimated how good he was: Cruz almost tried out the NCAA hoops path. And he spent his high school career traveling around and throwing lobs with a mercy rule-inducing group of future pros on the Tim Thomas Playaz.


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    You can see the athleticism in his play, nice article!

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