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Thread: Special Day

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    I stopped fighting my inner demons. We're on the same side now.

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    congrats, best wishes to you both.

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    congrats....but why not just find some woman you hate and buy her a house?
    "When I was 15, I could not believe how dumb my father was.....when I was 25, I could not believe how much he had learned in 10 years"

    1st to use the phrase "In Reese we trust"

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    If we lost, would you still have proposed?

    No seriously though, congrats! That's awesome!

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    . Congratulations !

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    Sigh... yep, she's a big Giants fan now... give it about 4 years, and you're going to kiddie soccer practice instead of watching the Giants... or she is telling you can't afford the season tickets cause you need a new nursery... Don't even think about going to a game... leaving at 9 am.. tailgaiting, and getting back at 9 pm... ain't gonna happen... .Oh i know what you're saying.. "Nah.. .she's cool.. she doesnt mind me going to the games"... HAHAHAHAHAHA

    You'll see...

    Seriously, you will have to back off on games, then when the kids are like 15 or so, you can pick back up.... thats why you see so many older guys at the games.. .... and its worth it for the kids anyway. Congratulations..

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