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Thread: Pass Protection

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    Pass Protection

    Don't know the extent of which this has been discussed, but the offensive line has only given up 4 sacks this season, which is 3rd best in the league. Given the few injuries and shifts the team has had to make on the OL, they are playing extremely well. It's not only in pass blocking, but the run blocking has been noticeably better than last season thus far.

    It's not exactly the weakness that most people thought it would be.

    Now only if those damn pass rushers could get to the QB on defense...

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    Eli does get rid of the ball much quicker and is really great at avoiding a sack. I wonder how many times he's been hurried this season?

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    A lot of teams are also starting to max protect to stop these pass rushes. You can have everyone double covered and still a QB will eventually find someone open. We're no different... Bennett has largely been used as a blocker.

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    Bennett has been huge in the blocking department!

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