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Not all 9ers fans are delusional y'all. I felt compelled to register to at least make an attempt to represent the 9ers the right way. With that said, yes we just smoked two lesser teams and some of the people are thinking the 9ers are the best team on the planet. Those were two NFL teams though. Regardless of how “bad” a team may be, they are still an NFL team. The best of the best! Those teams that are just not firing on all cylinders just need a tune up. The 9ers are one of top teams in the NFL; there is no doubt about that. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to have their head examined.

I must say I am looking forward to this Sunday. It will be a great, hard fought game by both teams. The Giants are no team to just cast aside as someone who will be an easy win. Your team is good, no doubt about that! You are the reigning SB champs for a reason. Obviously I hope the 9ers come out with a win.

However, if we lose, I will not hold my head down in shame because we will have lost to a great Giants team. May the better team take the W. Here's to a great game with no injuries to either team's members!!! Good luck Giants and Giants fans!
Good Luck....