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    hey Joe. I see u have been a member awhile. We're you around for those epic battles of the past or are u a newer fan?

    Anyway a little History about our two teams in case you didn't know. This is one is the closest battles of non Divisional teams. This is about as close to a rivalry as u can get though..

    In their History, The two teams have met 28 times during the regular season. Wanna guess who's ahead in the won/loss dept?

    The answer is NO ONE! It's deadlocked at 14-14

    How about playoff time. The two teams have met 8 times in the Postseason.... Yep you guessed it, deadlocked again at 4 apiece!!

    So that's 36 meetings overall and still nothing settled with a 16-16 mark.
    Good post. But the rivalry is not so even.

    We handed them their worst playoff loss ever, 49-3.

    We ended the career of their best player.

    We ruined 14-2 and 13-3 seasons by beating them in their house in the NFC Championship Game.

    We stopped them from being the first Super Bowl 3 peat.

    We went through them for 3 of our 4 Super Bowls. They went through us for their first two (1981 and 1984).
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