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Thread: JPP was not worthy a first round pick

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    JPP was not worthy a first round pick

    kidding, but our pass rush needs to get going. Thomas manhandled JPP today, and osi and tuck need to get involved
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    Thomas showed why he's a 5 time pro bowler. JPP had his hands full with Thomas and against other teams, gets double teamed. That's when we need the others to step up. Formula for other teams right now is to stop JPP and not having to worry too much about the others on the D line with their play of late.

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    lol i knew this had to be a joke before i entered this thread. we definitely need to generate more pressure though

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    Our passrush situation is a problem going forward.

    Since we have been unhealthy in the secondary, we have been unable to blitz a 5th man very often for fear of the pressure it will put on an inexperienced secondary. This means teams have 5 blockers to our 4 passrushers. In the past ,that was often a situation we thrived in because we had multiple people who could beat 1v 1 matchups. If you commited 2 guys to JPP, then Osi , Kiwi or Tuck would win their 1v1 matchup. Right now, JPP is the ONLY guy who is tough to block 1 v1 and teams are using the 5th blocker to help block him. If Osi , Tuck and Kiwi are unable to defeat their guys 1v1 then we have a problem because teams are going to keep focusing on JPP.
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    Secondary has to buy them a few seconds to get to the QB....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Chaos View Post
    Secondary has to buy them a few seconds to get to the QB....
    True...but it seems that the plan by the opposition has been to get rid of the ball quick...and it's not rocket surgery. Anybody who has watched the past when they were knocking QB's out of the game every week would eventually say...especially if you are Mike Vick or Cam Newton...I might want to go to my hot read a lot this week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gumby74 View Post
    No shame in getting your butt kicked by Joe Thomas, especially only in your 2nd year
    3rd year....but same dif. Thomas is one of the best
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    We need Canty back... he's another guy that draws double teams...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmenfan0488 View Post
    kidding, but our pass rush needs to get going. Thomas manhandled JPP today, and osi and tuck need to get involved
    in the words of Keyshawn "CMON MAN"!

    But for real, it is more of a reflection of osi/tuck/kiwi. JPP is seeing a lot of attention from opposing offenses and lots of double teams. He is still blocking down passes and getting in on running plays. He is an absolute monster, and is more or less unblockable 1-1. He just doesnt get 1-1 very often HA! Thomas is also a great player.

    the other 3 ends need to step it up bigtime. Either way, a big win against a team we couldnt afford a letdown against.

    Go Big Blue.

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