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in the words of Keyshawn "CMON MAN"!

But for real, it is more of a reflection of osi/tuck/kiwi. JPP is seeing a lot of attention from opposing offenses and lots of double teams. He is still blocking down passes and getting in on running plays. He is an absolute monster, and is more or less unblockable 1-1. He just doesnt get 1-1 very often HA! Thomas is also a great player.

the other 3 ends need to step it up bigtime. Either way, a big win against a team we couldnt afford a letdown against.

Go Big Blue.

I can agree with this. JPP's our only DE who's doing anything this year. but man, Osi and Tuck have sucked. This is probably our biggest problem going forwards, hopefully when Canty comes back, things improve, which they should.