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    I remember when.......

    A few years ago Id always complain that we passed to much.. I remember when Eli used to drop back I used to say "I wish we would have ran the ball"...

    That was then this is now... I think Id prefer we threw the ball everytime!!! LOL Eli is one of the best QBs in the league and certainly Elite... I used to say when Tom brops back and Peyton drops back "who is going to catch it"... I used to dream that I would feel the same way about Eli... Well its here... I have that confidence with Eli!!!

    I think if we get to the playoffs we have as good of chance as winning it. We are going to be battle tested all season with the toughest shedule in the league!!!

    Go Giants


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    We need a better defense to scare anyone post season, but isn't it amazing what 3 years does in the NFL does? Never thought I'd say this. You give me first pick of QBs in the league to play this season and I'd take Eli.

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    Eli ALL DAY. No one else I'd rather have in the pocket.

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