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    Talking 49er fan here

    First I wanna say congrats on beating us last season in the NFCCG. It was such a heart breaking loss and to be honest it has fueled some pretty hostile emotions towards your team, but nonetheless, I respect what you guys accomplished last season.I had this game circled the day the schedule came out and i'm pretty sure everyone within the 49ers organization did as well. With that said, let's talk about this weekends match-up!

    The 49ers did something this weekend to the Buffalo Bills that no other team in the history of the NFL has ever done. Our passing attack and running attack was the epitome of balanced. We rushed AND passed for over 300 yards in a game which like I mentioned above has never been done. Alex Smith has come such a LONG way under coach of the year Jim Harbaugh. It's actually remarkable to see as a 49er fan just how far he's come. For those who know and understand the Alex Smith story it's hard not to root for a guy like him. I use to think Smith was nothing more than a game manager but so far this season he has changed my perception of himself. his accuracy has been amazing and his ability to NOT turn the ball over is something we just arent use to seeing from him. Smith is no longer the weak spot on our offense and to be honest we don't have many weak spots on our team at all. We have so much depth on both offense and defense in 2012. Lets look at some numbers.

    The 49ers lead the league in rushing averaging nearly 200 yards a game (195.8). We are not a one trick pony with Frank Gore either. We have several guys who can run the rock. Gore of course is our main rusher but not many people know about Kendal Hunter. This kid is gonna be special when he gets his chance to be a starter. With a rushing attack like ours and a great defense it's hard for opposing teams to get any kind of rhythm going. As a unit on offense we are ranked 6th in total offense while averaging 29.8 points per contest. Of course the best thing about the 49ers is their relentless defense which ranks 2nd in the NFL behind only the Seattle Seahags. Nobody can run the ball on us (Vikings had some success against us which is very rare) but other than them over the last season and a half it's not easy gaining yards on the ground against the best front 7 in the NFL. The difference from last years defense to this years defense is our secondary. We are also 2nd in the NFL with passing yards allowed averaging ONLY 181 yards per contest. That is impressive considering we have played some pretty good QB's in A.Rodgers and M.Stafford.

    All stats aside I am expecting this game to be a hard fought game that will come down to the wire! May the best team win and hopefully it's an injury free Sunday! Good luck guys.

    9ers win 31-24
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