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My God is this how it's going to be all week... 49ers fans giving us props then gloating about their team. It is starting to get real sickening. I'm sorry if you Crabtree is improving and he is your best receiver, then I just feel bad for you. I heard someone say besides Nicks and Cruz that our wr's are not all what we think they are. Well that might be true but Nicks and Cruz are way better then a washed up Randy Moss and an Improving Crabtree. Cruz and Nick are top 5 talent can't say the same for any of your wr's. While those other wr you think suck...well I have to say to that who do you have as you 3,4,5 wrs???? Also who is throwing these guys the ball??? Eli makes those guys top talents, while Alex Smith manages them.
You underestimate our offensive playmakers big time.

Who is going to cover VD?

Throw in gore, Hunter, Manningham,Moss,Crabtree and Kyle Williams and we have a very multi dimensional offense. Also there is nothing wrong with some good football talk. At least we aren't sitting here talkin bad about your team...at least i'm not. In the OP I pointed out that I respect ur team and their recent accomplishments.