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I don't think he's the best QB in the league (even though he is rated that now) but he certainly isn't Trent Dilfer as the other poster was eluding to. If you're team thinks they will be playing Trent Dilfer on Sunday then that stupidity alone deserves the whoopin they're gonna get. Hope those who think we're not as good as advertised don't cry to much on Sunday, I know I'll be having a good time.
Moron, I said he's a game manager until he proves otherwise. That's all.

I can understand the miscommunication. I'm basing my opinion on the past 7 years of his career, his entire career in fact.

You are basing it on the past 5 games.

I never said anything about the niners not being very, very good. That's all I've said on all of these threads.

The fact that you are either unable to comprehend that or that anyone implying that the niners aren't the next great football dynasty means "that stupidity alone deserves the whoopin they're gonna get" is exactly the arrogance I'm talking about.

Your team has won nothing yet you quote stats like they're replacements for wins and then get offended when someone disagrees with you. Grow up, chump.