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    Great post, once again. A lot of people didn't see it, for whatever reason, but I do believe that you are 100% correct, and fortunately one of the finest GM's in the business saw it, and realized that they gave up a ton for a franchise QB, but the only way that he would be able to succeed would be if everybody got behind him and supported him. It was easy to see who the primadonnas were, and once the team was rid of a couple of the prime culprits, they started rallying behind their true leaders.
    Ernie just drafted Eli because his last name was Manning... luckily for him and all of us it worked out. I personally believe our 2000-2004 roster had what it took to win a championship, they just underachieved because of coachIng. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they drafted Eli because it eventually worked out but I can understand why a lot of our players were ****y and wouldn't buy in. They thought what they had was good enough and wasn't willing to wait who knows how long for Eli to be ready.
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