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    Maybe at most, honorary captain at a future game....but I think they already did that for him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jomo View Post
    Not really talking about his running prowess here.
    No, we're not. We never do.
    But, unless we really know the man, perhaps his contributions to our team are all that we are really qualified to judge.
    In my lifeteam, Tiki was the best Giant RB I've had the pleasure to see.
    What stupidity comes out of his mouth is something I won't judge... just like I won't judge LT's personal problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by juice33s View Post
    Tiki talking about the toughest players he ever played with:
    Manning: He may be the toughest Giant yet, physically and mentally. We've all seen him get tossed around, sacked and beaten up. But he always gets up, saunters back to the huddle and keeps on going. More importantly, his mind is impenetrable. When he lost his first eight games in fairly ugly fashion, he focused and got better. When he got booed and disparaged (even by me), he focused and got better. When he won a Super Bowl, he focused and got better. No matter what happens to him good, bad or indifferent he focuses and keeps going forward. That's a mental toughness that can't be measured
    Took him only 9 years to realize that? Not bad. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

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