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    You say your not entitled here are some comments by you and your fellow friends

    "No need to sweet heart, he said he was gonna run the score up on you next time he seen you so,...." I believe you said that...

    "ww, do I sence a little hostility twards a FAR SUPERIOR coach. Its ok, cough land will have his job next week no matter the outcome of this weeks game. We know We know, its ok, shall we get you a tissue so you can cry about your pathetic coach some more?" again you said this...

    "going for the sweep of the New York teams back to back to back weeks"

    "1. Actual fact, no come back. but let me ask you this, how good is our "D" or how bad was you "O" for A.smith to have those stat & yall rely on 2 game changing turnovers to beat us(Jus a thought).2. Ppg doesn't matter, points in

    "our" game matter. Both games last year our offense scores enough 2 beat yall(excluding your game changing turnover points).3. Didn't yall have 4 WRs' last year, minus manningham, plus a new guy. What's the difference? Props to your boy Cruz in the 1st half but in the 2nd he was MIA, almost forgot he was playing. What's your point? Goo niners! " Yeah you guys don't sound like your an entitled fanbase....smh
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