Greetings to all the Giants fans. I was reading some of the threads on here and I felt like making a profile so I could come in and say my piece. I just wanted to say that it will be a great game on Sunday. The Giants are not the reigning SB champs for no reason. Y'all have a great team! The 9ers are also one of the better teams in the NFL so it will be a great, hard fought game by both teams. If we lose I will not hang my head in shame because we will have lost to a great team. Of course I hope we take the W because I am still a little bummed about how we lost to you guys in the NFCCG. Even though we lost that game, I was still stoked that the 9ers made it as far as they did. Coach Harbaugh turned our team around so damn fast! I wasn't expecting much last season because I had become so used to losing. We had to endure the "decade of suck", and it was and still is an awesome feeling to see the 9ers relevant again. Anyhow, good luck (that is not meant as a backhanded compliment) to the Giants team. Hoping for no injuries to either team's players. Go 9ers!!!