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Eli and Smith are two completely different types of QBs. Smith doesn't need to be as effiecient as Eli in our system. Smith can make plays when he wants to, it's his consistency that's an issue. Smith isn't like Eli and won't just throw the ball up trusting his receivers to go get it in coverage. He has some athletic ability but he's more of a cerebral QB. This is also a similar system to what he played at Utah. I'm not saying he's some ultra badass GOAT but this is definitely the best year of his career and a lot of the posts that I've read so far, homerism aside, that most of you think this will be an easy win. The road to the SB goes through San Fran this year. Both of these teams are top 5 NFC teams and I've always been a fan of the Giants, so I hope we have the best game we've had so far this season for both teams.
We think this is going to be an easy win LMAO???? You 49ers fans came out of no where today screwing up our boards telling us how great your team is.... All of us Giants fans think this is going to be a hard fought game can't say you arrogant 49er fans think the same.