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Your missing the point man this is the x's and o's section for Giants football where we talk about strengths and weakness of teams It just so happens we are playing you next if you don't like what you hear leave bro. You guys have been coming on here all day telling us how we are going to get beat down and this is revenge for last year.....we get it. We know all about your team, they have an excellent running game, phenomenal special teams, powerhouse defense, good coaching even though I think the guy is a disrespectful sore loser. But we are not sold on Alex Smith that is all. If you guys are that is great. I haven't heard you guys same a single thing in how our team is good and you continue to try to put Alex Smith in a class with Eli and to me if you watch football you know Eli is leaps and bounds better then Alex Smith.

No no no. I never compared Eli to Smith. I said you can't compare them because they are two different kinds of QBs in two different systems. Alex Smith is not Eli Manning and will never put up numbers like any of the Mannings have. Eli is Elite and Smith isn't. I guess it was just instinct for me to try to defend my QB because no matter where I go my team still doesn't get any credit after their turn around. I expect this to be one of the closest games we play this year. From what I've seen you guys have been getting down early in almost all of your games so far and coming back in the 2nd half and it doesn't look like Tuck and JPP have been playing to their full potential and it sucks that most of your secondary is injured. Like I said the Giants are in my top 3 favorite teams outside of San Fran so I hope it's a great game and keeps me on the edge of my seat. I don't mean any disrespect to any Giants fans in any of my posts.