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Thread: Are the 49ers really that good?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GMan-67 View Post
    we are about to find out ... i do like that neither Buffalo or the Jets put up much of a fight ...while they are pretty focused, it can be tought to have to shift gears and play a much tougher opponent
    NY Giants are definitely much tougher than the Bills or the Jets. One key to the game is whether or not the 49ers can handle the pass rush of the NY Giants. A lot of the NY Giants fans have complained about the pass rush, and that will be a big key in this game. Neither the Bills or the Jets really put up a credible pass rush on the 49ers, and they got blasted.

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    I think the key to the game is getting off the field on third downs (defense of course). If we can consistently force third and longs, put pressure on Eli and force some bad throws then we will be fine. But if for some reason they can't do that then it will be a long game for Niner fans.

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