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I think our offensive line will hold up vs the 49ers. They kept the Eagles to 0 sacks on Eli. Part of that was on Eli's superhuman pocket presence, part of it was Bennett being kept in to block all the time (which is what we got him to do). I think we will frustrate SF's defense a lot more than people realize. Eli is the most patient QB in the NFL. He's not going to force it in a bad position if he can help it.

It all comes down to whose defense shows up to play. Hopefully Tuck and Osi can wake up. JPP (and to some extent Linval) are the only ones on the d-line doing anything. Hopefully Hosley and Prince both play their A-game, so PF feels like he can send a blitzer from time to time.

Also, Alex Smith may not be Michael *****, but he can still take off if you lose contain. Osi, you're on notice...
Osi has been on notice all year. He complained and begged for more money and he's playing his worst football I've ever seen! I think he's gone this year. Too much money, too little effort. We have rookies and backups that can do what he's doing for 1/4 of what he's making.