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After the limited glimpses we've had of Wilson, does anyone still long for Doug Martin?
Well I can honestly say I never wanted Doug Martin. Wilson was my choice from day one as I knew we wouldn't trade up for Trent Richardson.

Glad to hear Wilson may be getting more touches soon. I believe we should go with the three headed monster approach from 08, in which bradshaw starts and gets most carries. Brown in for short yardage situations and 3rd downs, and wilson late in games to utilize his speed advantage against tired defenses, as well as screens to give him space in the open field.

But until Wilson can be counted on to block edge rushers and blitzing LB's this will not happen. The rook has to show he can consistently provide Eli with protection to get more playing time.

I believe he has he ability to do so, and I am not worried. Wilson will shine in time.