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    Cmon, don't go there with the whole the coaches see the player more than we do therefor we have no right to question any judgement kind of crap. What were those coaches seeing in practices and meeting rooms that were keeping Victor Cruz from getting a bigger role till injury forced him finally into the lineup? If you're going to fall back on that you gotta be prepared that sometimes they just flat out don't make the right judgement calls and they didnt with Cruz in that regard, or hey even JPP took longer than I liked for him to get a significant role on the defense.

    The point of my previous post was that there were a different set of rules applied and that isnt a great message to send a player and could explain why some of the veterans tend to get soft here. Basically the way I see it right now is if you're a rookie or younger player you have to go to ridiculous levels to prove yourself and live up to unrealistic demands of mistake free football. However, once you've firmly entrenched yourself as a starter those rules don't apply. Fumbling, lack of effort, and just downright stinking don't seem to matter once you've already gotten the position. It could explain why Osi, Tuck, Diehl, and Bradshaw up until yesterdays game have flat out stunk this season. If Tom is going to be his legendary hardass self when it comes to certain things then he needs to apply that same standard to the whole team and not just play favorites with the vets.

    Other teams arent afraid to lean heavily on their rookies. Look at the browns using Richardson as basically their only playmaker. Something tells me that if he were a Giant he'd be relegated to a similar role that Wilson has as we'd be debating on whether he has the knowledge of the plays or blocking ability to be out there over Bradshaw. At some point in time you gotta just see what you have. Bradshaw had 30 carries last game for his 200 yards, was there really a need for him to have so many carries and us not get more of a look at Wilson or even Scott (if he was even dressed). The game was essentially over and we were still feeding Bradshaw carries, why not get a look especially after Wilson showed what he could do with his tiny amount of carries. It's just a source of frustration as a fan because we can all see the talent out of Wilson and know he can't utilize it when he isnt in the game, let the kid play!

    What rules are you talking about? TC has always had the "if you fumble the ball you are in the dog hose" rule.

    Victor Cruz benefited fror Steve Smith's injury but he was also a unique case we don't often see.

    Wilson may benefit from Andre Brown's injury if he can't play Sunday
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