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Thread: John Clayton

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    If anyone on ESPN has hate it is Jaworski. I don't know if it is his Eagle's background or just him but he 99% of the time never give any credit to the Giants for anything. But, as said before their opinions don't mean a whole lot. I still am glad they broke the nerd trio of Jaworski, Hogge and Kolber apart though. The goofy laughs, the constant increase in volume and the "I watched the tape" from Hogge and Jaworski used to make me vomit.

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    The lower we are ranked, the better we seem to play. He's a secret Giant fan. Thank you Mr. Clayton. Keep up the "good" work.

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    Believe it or not but these guys like Clayton really do take their job seriously. So, when they get burned as Clayton has, and when he gets reminded of it all the time like I'm sure he does, the hatred stays deep and it comes out when he gives his opinion about the Giants. Imagine you're at work and your coworker keeps showing you up and rubbing it in your face, well that's how Clayton feels all the time. Personnaly, I thinks it's funny and as long as he keeps his hatred up then I know he still burns.. As others do.

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    ESPN hates the New York Giants, if you haven't caught on now you never will. Stephen A is our only supporter.

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    Last I checked John Clayton and the ESPN rankings didn't get you into the playoffs....

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    Quote Originally Posted by thomsoad View Post
    Who is that NY radio personality who said he would quit if Giants won the SB?
    Im guessing he is still on the air... what a freakin wuss.
    Lol. Craig Carton. He's a Jests fan, so you know his grasp on reality is minimal, at best. I remember driving home from a SB party the morning after and Carl Banks was straight up calling Carton out for not making good on his promise to quit WFAN. Clayton...Carton...2 tools in a shed, far as I'm concerned.

    But yeah, if i pay any attention to ESPN's work, it's also on the NFC East site, where Dan Graziano does a nice job. That's actually where I see the power rankings each week, where even Dan is quick to point out that Clayton's not feelin' the Giants (...as usual)

    As always with them, gotta take it with a grain of salt.

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    Sorry to be a realist...but our Giants have only beaten 3 teams. Browns, Bucs, and Panthers...who have a combined record of 2-12. So I'm going to go ahead and agree with him at 14.

    Explain to me why not?

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    Biggest loser on ESPN if we went 11-0 from here he would have us ranked15 to 18. He's a little punk. I turn of the television everytime he's on. Tom Jackson always supports the Giants and I take his view on us better then Clayton.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PBTimmons View Post
    Sorry to be a realist...but our Giants have only beaten 3 teams. Browns, Bucs, and Panthers...who have a combined record of 2-13. So I'm going to go ahead and agree with him at 14.

    Explain to me why not?
    Honestly, that's a good point but it still wouldn't matter if we played good teams.

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