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Thread: Sash in, Hill out

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    Quote Originally Posted by lamas View Post
    To me that is strange. Why would they let us do that? Doesn't that give us an unfair advantage?

    I'm not saying that the NFL did do that. It very well could have been the timing of the appeals process, but that is a big coincidence.
    Not really, really the only difference is that they arent forced to cut someone. Not like they get both players at the same time.

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    well remember the Giants didnt take Adderal ... the players did, so the league might have worked with us a bit ... since the whole point of the suspension is to cost those players 4 game checks and that is what's happening

    and im angry with the Doctors .... if you're a responsible Dr. and a football player comes into your office ... dont you ask for the list of NFL banned substances??? ... maybe there should be a course in common sense during medical school

    but the good thing is we dont have to cut anyone yet, which is good .... even when Canty comes back, we still have the option of the short term IR to stash a player

    the longer we can go without being forced into a cut decision the better, b/c those things tend to take care of themselves given time
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    I like what Paysinger and Herzlich did to his locker.
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    Is this the Groundhog Day thread? lol
    No one remembers who came in second.

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