stevie brown... this guy is a playmaker i was really down on him in preseason after he got trucked in the endzone by the jags rb i dont even know if he is still in the nfl. also he has a bad game vs the pats in preseason. i was pissed when he made team and when people asked weeks ago who we should cut once sash came back and i said him. boy was i wrong he has made big plays and has looked good out there

domenick hixon... i was probally the #1 hater for this guy in preseason i have always been a fan of his but NUMEROUS times i said he should have been #4 or #5 on depth chart once season started due to his lack of production in preseason. he is a professional and desereved more respect then i was giving him

ab.... i said he was slow cant hit holes and didnt run with fire anymore after the dallas game. sunday he showed us why we all love him he looked just as good as his rookie and 2nd year minus alitte speed.

i am a very postive fan sometimes homerish and i never talk bad about our player but this year i called these 3 out and needless to say ive never enjoyed being wrong so much in my whole life.