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Hey Giant fans, here is why the Niners should win. Would love to hear your responses, I will keep the smack talk out of it.

1. We are at home, I know you guys are a good road team, but believe me the team, coaches and fans have been waiting for this game since the schedule came out. Advantage Niners.

2. Our Oline is dominating. We have one of if not the best O lines in football. Physical Smash Mouth players. All are young but experienced playing together. Our new right guard is a huge upgrade over last year. Your D line has dissappointed. Not getting pressure as before. Advantage Niners.

3. QB. Smith leads league in rating and QBR. Great record at home. Found the deep ball. Come from behind wins. Better uniform. Ok, I give up, would take Eli here hands down. Advantage Giants.

4. RB. With injuries to your backs, I lean towards the Niners, but your guy had a monster game last week. Advatage: Push

5. WR. Again, health is an issue for you guys. If you are 100% healthy, it is Giants all the way, but right now...this game, the way we use Moss as a decoy (always draws the safety) and the way our receivers have stepped up, Advantage Niners. (I will prob lose this arguement) lol

6. D line. Advantage Niners. No question. Every team tries to stop our run, and for the most part fails. We stop the run.

7. Line Backers Advantage Niners. No question

8. Secondary. I think the way our secondary is playing, we are better...however you have Eli, and he does some crazy sh** when he needs to. Advantage Push

9. Special teams. I would say we have a huge advantage here. Forget the Williams crap, overall we are better, except in punt/kickoff return coverage. We have a serious hole there. Advantage Push

I am sure there are more things to talk about, but I think being at home, health of the two teams, the revenge thing that will play into this game, we will win. It will not be a blow out, but the Niners should win.
1) Home feild advantage worth almost nothing against the Giants.
2) Smash mouth football doesn't work well against the Giants. Giants have a much harder time defending against shifty fast runningbacks.
3) Smith will lose if he is trying to play catchup while Manning can still win.
4) Our running game is starting to heat up.
5) We have an advantage at WR even without Nicks
6) Your D-line hasn't been getting to the QB which spells doom against MAnning.
7) Agree Lbs advantage 49rs.
8) Giants secondary is playiing better and starting to get healthy
9) Giants Special teams is improved
10) Agree Giants health is a disadvantage for the Gmen.

In conclusion, I am not even saying a Giants win is a sure thing but I would say its like 50/50. If the Gmen jump out to an early lead, I say it goes to 75 / 25.