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    Seriously, Who Has It Better Than Us? ;)

    I love this whole organization.....keep up the good work.......C'mon GMEN fans.....show your love...

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    I'm happy with our team. We have an elite QB with perhaps the best receiving corps in the game (could be argued with Green Bay's). You gotta love our defense too. For the most part, I've been happy with our drafts in the past several years. Also being able to knock off the 18-0 Patriots in the biggest upset in NFL history, and then beat them again in the Super Bowl four years later is great. I get frustrated with the G-Men at times, but this team plays with tons of heart and never goes down without a fight.

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    nooobboodddyyyyy! madd hype to send the skins back to reality and RG3 back to the hospital

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