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I'd say that the Giants beat the 49ers with better coaching that day. Coughlin told his KR/PR to place a priority on ball-security, which was very obvious because our KR/PRs that game (especially our PR) pretty much got what they could and then went to the ground with both hands on the ball. Harbaugh made a terrible coaching mistake not telling Williams the same thing...it was even more important that he should have done that since Williams was not the regular returner. Instead, it was obvious that Williams was focused more on making a big play rather than securing the ball. So it's clear to me that the Giants have better coaching than the 49ers...and that was a major factor in the Giants beating the 49ers. If you want to call bad coaching "gift-wrapping the game for them", then yes, the 49ers "gift-wrapped" the game...but from my perspective, the Giants beat the 49ers by playing tough and smart football (and not just tough football)...

Imho, "gift wrapping" a game usually comes in the form of a team not giving it's strongest effort or best focus. I don't think the 49ers lacked in effort or focus in the NFC Championship game.
Can't say I disagree. Even the Coach of the Year isn't perfect.