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    Is there another team adding talent at the rate we are to an already stacked roster?

    Joaquim Williams- playing more
    Jaron Hosely
    David Wilson
    Stevie Brown

    now Canty and Beckum returning, Boothe starting

    and the hits just keep on coming.....all these guys are good, some very good, and some potential stars

    I've seen Reese have good years before but he is hitting on all cylinders......its a plethora of wealth that is almost RIDICULOUS

    As the 49rs have a very ordinary QB, I expect Fewell to finally unleash the dogs this week

    We will shock the world and really give these guys a beat down....well deserved
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    There is definitely some developing talent to look forward to in the future, some contributing now. One thing I hope you are right on is PF unleashing the dogs, because this D has been beyond bad so far this year.

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    Texans, Ravens, Bengals, Patriots, 49ers, Eagles, Cowboys, and Falcons are adding talent at a pretty darn good rate. Steelers are always in the mix and you could even say that the Colts have some gems past the obvious Andrew Luck.

    I think what separates the Giants from the rest is the UDFA talent we seem to find.

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    Is there another team that is losing players to injury at the rate we are to an already decimated roster?

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    i agree OP. i feel JR has done such an amazing job. we have all pro caliber starters up and down the roster (who are mostly young) all the while having amazing young all pro potential depth...

    when healthy, i dont think a GM has put together a better roster than JR has. a lot of it has to do with eli and knowing we can add skill players and be all world. same with the d, with our DL, JR has the luxury of adding talent all over. i mean that in the sense that a lot of other teams have issues at qb, or with their DL or wth their wr's, etc etc...meanwhile we literally have stacked depth up and down the roster and we can keep taking BPA and not draft solely for need, which is a luxury a lot of teams dnt have.

    and jr is prob the best scout/talent evaluator as a gm in the league (he was our draft scout for several years before being the gm)

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    " and the hits just keep on coming.....all these guys are good, some very good, and some potential stars " Please , Lets be realistic ans say that most of these players have a lot to prove but I agree we have seen flashes of potential . Its all about consistency. Let's not give too much credit to Perry Fewell and "unleashing the dogs." The Giants defense has not been very good this year and I am very disappointed in the play calling and break downs in our run defense. Fewell's player package strategy is failing thus far but would cut him some slack with some of the injuries. We do have talent but can Fewell do the job ? I love Fewell's attitude but I am not conviced that he is a solid strategic X's and O's guy.

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    I'd feel a lot better if Reese would add some OL talent.

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    Not having Canty & Rocky Bernard on the line is what's hurting us. Once those 2 come back, watch out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by joeybagadonutz23 View Post
    I'd feel a lot better if Reese would add some OL talent.
    I'd take one for starters. It is like they don't even exist to him.
    No one remembers who came in second.

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    Im sorry but I like this new oline

    Eli is the most upright QB in the NFL and we just ran for 260 some odd yds last week

    You guys are a tough audience


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