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I'm sure we only won last year because Baas gave us their secrets.

I can hear it now.

Jacobs: OK this is what they are going to do.
If you run this way, they are going to run the other way.
Now if you run the other way, they are going to keep going
on their original route.

Harborough: (veins already popping through face).
WTF does that mean, you said you had inside knowledge

Jacobs: No, this is great, you just have to run the same way they do.

Harborough: ARRRRRRRRRRGGG, you just said they are going to run
the opposite of the way we run.

Manningham. Yeah, good point coach. (looking at ceiling,
lightbulb goes on). I guess thats
what they meant all these years by read and react?

(freaks out, attempts to punch manningham, jacobs beats the crap out of him).

Jacobs: Take that, I will always bleed blue.
Now go pout somewhere...............