Please educate me someone

When your leading in the 3rd quarter by 17 points, should you be calling 3 straight pass plays ?? All of them turned out to be incomplete and took no time off the clock and also you never know pick 6 and new game. Now a lot of you will jump and say well we won the game who cares. Well yes this is true but it was the Browns and not Pats or Falcons or some other team that can get it going on offense. This to me is just bad game management and this somehow reminds me of Buddy Ryan punching Killdrive years ago ????. or the eagles game that I will never forget a few years back.

There just isnt a need for 3 straight passes. I am not saying you cant pass with lead but on a day your running the ball effectively or at least if not, with a lead its something that you should be working on anyways as we struggled at times this year running. Quick turn over of downs and stopping clock is just terrible game management in my opinion. Run once and than twice and pass on 3rd down. Seems simple to me ? i guess they like to over think things.

At least when you run 1 or 2 times you have a chance for positive yardage and take time off clock and perhaps even get a 1st down. Gives the defense a rest and lessons the distance for a 3rd down attempt.

I don't know maybe I don't understand simple football.

Hopefully our coaches look back and realize this (probably wont) and that it doesnt get us in a big game. lets face it, our D isnt playing like other years where we could rely on them.