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    Well yes this is true but it was the Browns and not Pats or Falcons or some other team that can get it going on offense. .
    This one sentance is an important one. You can not discount the fact that the strength of an opponent is a big factor in play calling decisions. I think the fact we ran the crap out of the ball was also a factor. If the D stacks against the run, adjustments have to be made. Eli makes calls based on what he sees set up infront of him. Sometimes we just don't exacute the plays properly or a defender makes a good play. If not we would never lose. Play calling got us to a 17 point lead. No sense abandoning the offense that got us there, (run or pass). The blunder at the end of the Philly game is a different situation. I have a feeling that kinda thing will never happen again.
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