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    Revenge game

    I am pumped for Sunday. Have been since last January. I am sure all of you are too.I respect the Giants a lot. Vicious defensive line. MVP level QB. Top 2-3 receiving core in the league. Also, love the history of our teams in big games. Walsh v.Parcells. LT. Montana and Jim Burt. Roger's fumble. TO clowning and Strahan pointing at scoreboard. Williams' fumbles. Bowman's non-fumble recovery. Love all of it. Even the bitter moments. Here is what I am looking for on Sunday.This all pretty basic at this point. These two teams know each other well.

    - Niners have to get to Manning (this is big time no brainer). Manning proved last year he is tough as coffin nail. The Smiths have to put him down early and often. Niners DBs are smart fast group, but they can’t cover that receiving core forever.
    - Giants safeties and linebackers v. Vernon Davis. He cannot be totally stopped, but Giants cannot let him run wild.
    - Niners O-line v. Giants D-Line. Niners O-line is elite run blocking Unit. Vastly improved at pass blocking since you all have seen them last. Most of this is due to niners improved right side of oline. Staley has to contain JPP(lucky him). I assume Giants will try to bring pressure with 4 man front and rarely blitz. If niners can keep smith upright and get running game going they should be able to move ball pretty effectively.

    Prediction, niners are mad and have had this game circled for quite some time. It’s at home. Niners playing like gangbusters last two weeks. Game is close for three quarters. Niners running game wears down Giants by the end of third quarter and takes over game. Niners 34-Giants 20. Then we see each other again in January when Giants are on hot streak and suddenly playing like 85 Bears. That’s when the Niners really need to prove they are championship team.
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