We expect a tough battle between the NFL's two best teams, in my opnion.
And there is no close third.

Too bad we play in the same conference.

We know you want our crown.......come and get it.

If you lose, even if you lose badly, we hope you come back here to talk football with respect and enthusiasm.

There is no more complete team through the 53 man roster than the Giants. You are going to see players- a lot of them
that you did not see in Giants uniforms last year. Don't be fooled, these guys are all good. We have had the best harvest of
rookies and free agents in Giants history this year.

Lets hope for a good clean contest, and minimal injuries on both sides.......nobody is on either roster from the famous
Trey Junkin fiasco. All is forgiven.......you already got payback for that one last year :O).