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    I really hope Marty Bennett is ready to go on Sunday.

    To me, he is the single most important player on the Giants team (except Eli of course) if we are going to beat the 49ers. His blocking will help, but the receiving is the secret weapon.

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    If the want to have a running game they need him that's for sure.

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    I think the Giants athletic LBs are really important to this game as well. Between Boley, Rivers and J Williams they need to be able to cover and contain Vernon Davis. This guy is a matchup nightmare for most LBs but I think these guys can handle it. Especially Rivers, he has looked like a beast this year (when actually healthy and on the field) and he is one of the quickest LBs in the league IMO. None of the recievers are particularly talented and the corners should be able to take care of them IF the pass rush finally gets them some help. Now if only they could stop those RBs....

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