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Thread: Giants' Hakeem Nicks, Chase Blackburn, Martellus Bennett not practicing today

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    @RVacchianoNYDN: Hakeem Nicks, by the way, appeared to be moving very well as he ran outside. He was making cuts, backpedaling too. #NYG
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    eh, it was what I personally expected. cant state how huge it is that we'll be getting our reinforcements back...

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    this is great news if nicks plays bc the giants (bradshaw in particular) have said they were holding him out so that when he returns he will be as close to 100% as possible

    and if KP plays, it will help us out tremendously bc we can use the 3 safety set

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    Hmm it's as if we were being extra careful with a ton of these guys and decided to save them for the 49ers game. Not surprised one bit.

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    I'm hearing Nicks is a no, but would love to be wrong on that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TuckandRolle View Post
    I'm hearing Nicks is a no, but would love to be wrong on that!
    Unless Tom Coughlin and medical staff are your personal friends; it's just specualtion.

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    ESPN: Injury Report: Nicks does some running


    Excerpt: "Hakeem Nicks did some running on the side and looked quick and agile.

    Giants coach Tom Coughlin said Nicks will not practice today, but he is hopeful the wide receiver will practice sometime this week.

    Seeing Nicks move side to side, backpedal and run somewhere between half to three-quarters pace is encouraging and a positive step toward playing against San Francisco on Sunday. If Nicks can practice on Thursday and come out of it with no setback to his knee or surgically repaired foot, the receiver will be on track to returning. He has missed the last three games." Read more...
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMENAGAIN View Post
    Would really like to see Rivers and Hosley back this week.
    Agreed! Those 2 and Nicks are my 3 i'm hoping for most this week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TuckandRolle View Post
    I'm hearing Nicks is a no, but would love to be wrong on that!
    call you on your shoe phone, did he?

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    i hope nicks practices tomorrow


    2015 season tbd

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